Piano Lessons Course Secrets – 4 Vital Tips to Save Time & Money

Finding a piano lessons course can be easy, but also can leave you with a large hole in your pocket with nothing to show for it.

In this article, I would like to show you how to pick the perfect piano lessons course which will ensure that you not only learn the piano at a level and pace that suits you, but also won’t rip you off or worse still, end up teaching you bad piano playing habits.

So, let’s quickly look at the key areas of a great piano lessons course…

1. Caters for all skills

Whether you’re a total beginner or an intermediate piano player, at some point you’ll move on to the next skill level. The question is, do you really want to have to keep buying new piano lesson courses each time you progress?

This is a bad thing, as the teaching style you become accustomed to is disrupted and this can and will have a negative impact on your learning and overall progress.

Therefore, aim for a piano course that takes you through all the skill levels consistently. This will also save you time and money in the long run too.

2. Who’s teaching it?

Of course, it’s important that you know who’s teaching the material. This is the single most important point, as bad techniques taught to you are very hard to undo.

Make sure you’ve got a course that is developed by someone reputable. You don’t have to know them, or even know OF them, but they must be able to show their credentials somehow.

For example, how were they trained? How are they qualified to teach (if applicable)? What experience of paino playing have they got?

3. Multiple teaching modes

It is often said that the best way to learn any new skill (or develop existing skills) is to learn through multiple modalities.

Just like at school when you would switch from text book to video, to blackboard (if you’re over 20!).

So in a piano lessons course, look for video, audio and text formats. This will help you grasp the lessons on a much more tangible level.  These multiple modalities will also help you to stay entertained and focused when learning to play the piano.

4.  Guarantee

Finally, above all else you must ensure that the piano course has a solid guarantee. Although if you follow the steps from above, you shouldn’t need to worry.

However, in the past I have purchased piano lessons online that had not lived up to their sales letter claims and I was inclined to ask for a refund. This is merely the global standard for most products sold, offline and online these days.

But when looking at the guarantee for piano lessons, it’s important to remember that you need a longer guarantee than you would for say, a pair of socks. 

This is because it may take you a while longer to settle into the piano lessons course, before you know if it’s right for you.


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