Atlanta Schools

If you are a parent or thinking about starting a family it is important to consider school districts when looking for a new home. Not only will the quality of the local schools benefit your children, the school district will also affect the resale value of your home. The Atlanta metropolitan area, both inside and outside of the city perimeter, has several great public schools and plenty of private institution options. Here are some tips to help guide you in finding out more information about Atlanta educational

  • Visit the Atlanta Public School web site at to see a map of the local school zones. You can also access a complete list of Atlanta public schools to find out in which zone each school resides.
  • Visit to see parent reviews of local schools. You can search by level (elementary, middle and high school), specific area and type (public, charter or private).
  • Visit the schools in your district. Schedule a sit down appointment with the principal and ask to see the classrooms and talk to a few of the teachers.
  • Use the AJC School Guide available at to find local schools in the areas you are looking to purchase.
  • Speak with other parents in the neighborhood and ask them what schools their children attend and the parents’ opinions of the schools.
  • Talk to your local friends and find out what they know about the school districts. Most parents have done research on schools so ask for input from friends and family in the area.
  • Remember that children will grow and will have to transition to another school at some point, so plan ahead. Research all levels of the schools in your district and have a plan if one does not suit your liking.

As any big city, Atlanta has an abundance of options when it comes to education for your children. Do your homework and find out what public school options are in the areas you are looking to purchase. Even if you prefer to send your children to private school, the public schools in your district will affect the resale value of your home.